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Cimex Lectularius, more commonly known as bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that feed on the blood of any warm blooded animals, but prefer humans. Female bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs in her life, causing and alarming growth in infestations by 500% since 2007. They can travel more than 100 feet but tend to stay closer to their food source. Hiding in folds and creases of linens, in and under mattresses, drawers, nightstands, electronics, outlets, base moldings and draperies. Everyone is susceptible to this infestation. They can be found virtually anywhere; in private homes, nursing homes, hotels, apartments and condos. Reports indicate there is no place beyond their reach, including offices and schools.
Discreet Heat Remediation, LLC. Uses heat remediation. Our process is the safest heat solution on the market. We DO NOT place open flames inside your home or use construction heaters. We have the most technologically advanced way of  treating bed bugs in 1 DAY! This is custom state-of-the-art manufactured system that includes advanced heating systems, air movers, and wireless temperature controls and monitors that are specifically designed for the eradication of bed bugs.

Once the system is in place, we increase and maintain a surface temperature of 130 to 150 degrees killing the bugs, nymphs, larva and eggs within MINUTES. Bed bugs are ectoparasites with an outer skeleton that will quickly dry out and fracture in high heat. By manipulating the heat throughout the home (including all voids in the walls) we are able to treat the environment within 5-12 hours. No other treatment offers such fast and thorough results.
Are there DIY Kits?
Yes, however they will not completely eliminate infestations because the chemicals can't reach bugs that are hiding in walls or deep inside the furniture, nor will they kill the eggs. "Bug bombs" will only make them run deeper into the structure where as heat draws them out into the open. As for traps, they will merely verify the existence. The use of rubbing alcohol will kill the bed bugs but with the residue of alcohol left on your furniture they become an accelerant and can be very dangerous.
Can any pest control companies exterminate bed bugs?
Yes, however, most use chemicals that will need 3 to 5 weeks to see real results and most are not safe for children and animals. Also, most companies do not offer heat remediation or services that help prep to ensure that no re-infestations occur. We offer all levels of service.
Will Discreet Heat Remediation do any investigation to be sure that I do have bed bugs prior to the treatment?
Yes, DHR will do a complete inspection to verify, document and assess the severity of your infestation. We also recommend a 3rd party K-9 Detection Company for independent confirmation.
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How will I know that the treatment has been successful?
This is the easy part. You and your family will sleep soundly knowing you won't be dinner to bed bugs. If you find indications that there is still and infestation we will inspect, confirm and retreat the area 100% free of charge if needed and if all steps are taken in the Pre-Treatment Preparation List provided prior to original services.

How do I keep everyone from knowing I had bed bugs?
We will NOT be the ones to tell. Our name says it all. Unless you are the one that tells someone, they will not know. We are very discreet and confidential in our service and our vehicles will be unmarked.
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1. Bed bugs do not fly or jump. They only go where they can crawl.

2. Bed bugs live in clean homes too.

3. You don't have to throw away your beds, furniture or clothing when you use heat remediation in Lancaster, Ohio.

4. Boric acid will not kill bed bugs.

5. Bed bugs can live 6 months to 1 year without feeding if forced to.
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